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The Benefits of INFO-ACCESS

The most potent advantage of integrating INFO-ACCESS into your banking infrastructure is enhanced business intelligence (BI) for banking. A more robust BI allows for more comprehensive bank relationship management from the customer-facing level to the administrative level and beyond.

Automatic Business Intelligence and Collateral Management

Our software follows the customer journey from the beginning of the loan process through management of the entire deal. Along the way, it collects data automatically while performing document exception and activity management.

As the data collects, INFO-ACCESS creates reports and memorandums that allow decision-makers to make informed resolutions regarding customers and the institution’s future.

One Source for All Access

INFO-ACCESS consolidates your information hubs into a single, user-friendly data access experience. Your entire banking staff can unlock countless collections of activity data, feedback, customer interactions, collaborations, documents and reports from a single software terminal.

Each part of every highly sensitive deal or loan, stays documented and updated in a database designed for use by your entire employee base, top to bottom. Bring collateral management and bank business intelligence (BI) together in one place – your bank.

Your Entities Become People

Armed with customer communication tools and a complete information hub, your borrowers can be examined and evaluated based on their profile. Existing communications, signed documents, crucial notifications and customer statuses are easy to check, read and update so you get the entire picture. That’s business intelligence for banking.


Compliance Optimization

Incomplete loan documentation spirals out of control when borrowers demand documents buried deep in the recesses of your bank’s filing system. Even worse, the bank takes on considerable risk when it cannot produce the documents necessary to back up its claims.

There is no need to worry though when you have INFO-ACCESS at your side. Our bank BI and collateral management software reduces errors as documents are produced, authorized and passed and mitigates risks associated with incomplete loan documentation. The software is so adept, it pays for itself.

No More Mundane Data Entry

Bank relationship information management still exists in mausoleums of hard copy records at some banks, requiring manual data entry. INFO-ACCESS however, is a smart piece of technology that knows the meaning of information in documents when scanned. Digitize documents, then print or insert bar-coded separator pages to index your documents – or just drag and drop digital information right where it needs to go. Eliminate manual data entry, simply scan and organize.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Of the limitless ways that INFO-ACCESS can streamline your bank relationship management, the customer-facing advantages are the ones borrowers will love most. Automate notifications, track delivered and undelivered documents, instantly access data and communicate - all within INFO-ACCESS.

Your clients will delight in the speed at which you and your staff solve problems, close deals and offer loans. Customer service simply cannot get any easier.

Get PROFORMANCE Banking Business Intelligence

Our experts are waiting to tell you all about the incredible benefits of INFO-ACCESS collateral management and banking business intelligence (BI). Send us a message or call us at 281-292-9000 to start your banking the easy way.