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INFO-ACCESS is a powerful piece of software that integrates into your infrastructure and automates many features of your banking process, including queue management system, data warehouse and much more. By using INFO-ACCESS, you will have a unified system that includes ticklers, notices, tracking, real-time work queues, notes fields and a user-friendly report writer. This feature-rich loan servicing and deposit administration tool makes banking easier from the customer-facing level all the way to administrators and beyond.

The features of INFO-ACCESS from PROFORMANCE are what truly makes it the best bank CRM system for your financial institution. Complete with a portal document manager, commercial loan dashboards and the features necessary for optimal efficiency, INFO-ACCESS is the tool to take your bank’s workflow to the next level.

Deal Management

INFO-ACCESS’ deal management module allows for document and data collection during the loan approval process, no matter if the loan is new, renewed or modified. The system automatically creates a credit memorandum to be presented to the loan committee and features pipeline reporting, process tracking and activity management. INFO-ACCESS makes the loan process seamless for banks and customers.

Activity Management

INFO-ACCESS tracks all transaction and communication history from loans, accounts, deals, collateral and document levels. Bankers can adjust the view to show a transaction log by user or system and can see the communication information, including system notices or notifications. This allows for easy access to customer account information and any changes made.

Tickler System and Notice Sending

INFO-ACCESS’ tickler tracking system tracks all the required documents and data when a customer needs a loan or deposit account. The system allows ad hoc or system-generated notices to be sent to customers if a required document is missing. INFO-ACCESS sends a template form that allows for automatic insertion of the document by the customer and continues to track the customer’s data in the tickler system.

Contact and Entity Management System

INFO-ACCESS includes email integration, notices by responsibility and the ability to associate contacts to entities as well as entity-to-entity (owners to a specific business, common ownership in this venture). This process allows for easier tracking of business relationships, loans and bank management in general.

INFO-ACCESS Customer Service

INFO-ACCESS is an amazing piece of software that will modernize your bank queue management system in unforeseen ways. With all the software features, combined with automated notifications, the ability to track documents, instantly access data and communicate directly with your customers, INFO-ACCESS is a class of its own.

With this new bank CRM system, customers will enjoy the increased speed, efficiency and documentation your bank can provide.

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