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INFO-ACCESS Integrations

INFO-ACCESS, the document collection and tracking software from PROFORMANCE, can serve as a standalone document management solution for your bank. However, if you are already using a document management system (DMS) that you like, there is no need for concern. INFO-ACCESS can interface with any DMS and natively supports SharePoint. Our software is designed to complement the document management systems widely used in the banking industry.

In addition to seamless SharePoint integration, INFO-ACCESS can support integrations with Jack Henry (including Synergy), OnBase and LaserPro loan origination software. If you use another DMS and want to know if it can interface with INFO-ACCESS, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Stay in Sync with INFO-ACCESS

If you need a document-tracking database that can interface with SharePoint or any other document storage and deal management software, choose INFO-ACCESS. If you are currently capturing documents in your DMS using manual indexing, INFO-ACCESS will register the receipt of those documents and update the status for tracked item requirements. INFO-ACCESS also allows for electronic document checklist creation for different transactions and will indicate which documents are missing, expired, pending and current. You can even integrate INFO-ACCESS with your email system and send automated emails to customers who still need to submit documents.

INFO-ACCESS provides nightly synchronization of data from external systems, so you never have to worry about your document management systems being out of step. All your documents are stored electronically in one place with INFO-ACCESS.


Why Do Integration Capabilities Matter?

With its integration capabilities, INFO-ACCESS keeps your banking operations running smoothly. You will be able to access all data, documents and activities associated with your customers in one convenient location. Because INFO-ACCESS offers integration with SharePoint and banking CRM systems, the software is easy to adopt. Your lending officers, assistants and loan operations personnel will not need to learn new software interfaces and you will not lose valuable time.

When your team saves time, your customers save time. Customers who save time are likely to keep banking with and recommend your services to others.

Be the bank with a reputation for fast service and careful attention to detail. Integrate INFO-ACCESS with your current document management system.



If you have questions about integration with SharePoint or any other INFO-ACCESS capabilities, contact us today. Send us some information or call 281-292-9000 to learn more. We would love to help you make INFO-ACCESS part of your document management system.