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INFO-SHARE Secure Document Workflow Automation

INFO-SHARE simplifies the process of securely requesting and receiving critical documents from customers.

Our INFO-SHARE platform integrates tightly with INFO-ACCESS document storage and exception tracking to create a seamless end-to-end process for automating document requests. INFO-SHARE encrypts documents in transit and at rest to ensure security throughout the entire process.

Maintaining up-to-date credit file documentation is a critical component of ensuring asset quality and meeting compliance requirements. INFO-SHARE streamlines the process, which reduces time and costs as well as ensures the safety of your customers’ private information.

How It Works

  1. Bank triggers electronic requests to customer when document requirements become past due.
  2. Customer receives email notification with link to secure portal for document upload.
  3. Customer uploads documents through a secure portal that immediately encrypts the data.
  4. Banker receives notification upon document receipt and the system places the documents in the file, clearing any outstanding exceptions.

Key Benefits

  • Simple customer interface provides placeholder with description for each document requested.
  • Custom email templates allow you to control communication to your customers.
  • Customer portal includes your logo and colors to reinforce your brand and reassure your customers.
  • Comprehensive audit trails enable you to monitor all activity and receive notifications upon completion.
  • End-to-end asymmetric key encryption ensures data security without the hassle of software installation and account creation for your customers.


  • Documents are encrypted from end-to-end using asymmetric key PGP encryption.
  • Employees can view full records of activity though a detailed audit log.
  • INFO-VIEW pinpoints the geographic location of users accessing the system.
  • Bank determines and sets custom expiration dates on requests.
  • Bank can immediately terminate specific requests, if any unusual activity is detected.

INFO-SHARE is part of our INFO-CAPTURE and INFO-VIEW platforms in the INFO-ACCESS suite designed to help maintain transparency and ease-of-use in loan origination. It’s one of our many tools that streamline customer communication and security to enhance asset quality and compliance.

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