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INFO-VIEW Business Intelligence

No more need to sort through messes of data; our INFO-VIEW platform immediately places business intelligence dashboards at your fingertips.

INFO-VIEW provides instant insight to your customer data, thereby creating interactive dashboards to key decision-makers in your organization. Our preconfigured data models allow you to create dynamic reports quickly and accurately. INFO-VIEW utilizes Microsoft Power BI hosted on Azure Managed Services. INFO-VIEW tightly integrates with the INFO-ACCESS product suite, which enables your organization to streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage.

How It Works


INFO-VIEW reports on data provided directly from the INFO-ACCESS lending platform. INFO-ACCESS receives data from your banking core to keep up-to-date with loan balances, loan commitments, risk ratings, collateral details, deposit account balances, exception tracking requirements, and a variety of other metrics critical to successful bank management. INFO-VIEW aggregates this information with stunning visualizations that allow users to interact with the data to gain insights.


Key Benefits


  1. Instant Analytics – INFO-VIEW enables users to drill down instantly to the most important metrics regarding the loan pipeline, credit decisions, portfolio performance, exception tracking, and risk management.
  2. Turnkey Implementation – PROFORMANCE has designed the data warehouse to remove the most difficult hurdle to complex business analysis.
  3. Seamless Collaboration – INFO-VIEW reports are available to key members of your organization, which helps ensure that all stakeholders are operating with up-to-date information.
  4. Effortless Reporting – INFO-VIEW dashboards easily convert to PDF or PowerPoint to create beautiful presentations for executives, board members, or other key decision makers.

Pre-Configured Dashboards

Start gaining insights right away with pre-configured dashboards that aggregate your data immediately so you can spend more time refining your approach.

  • Loan Pipeline Monitoring
    • Track the timeline of loan closings
    • Monitor number of loans, dollar amounts, and probability of closing
    • Manage liquidity needs
  • Decision Analysis
    • Ensure timely loan decisions
    • Verify appropriate customer communication timelines for compliance
    • Understand your competitive landscape
  • Portfolio Management
    • Discover loan concentrations
    • Uncover regional trends
    • Ensure portfolio is well collateralized
  • Credit Risk Mitigation
    • Pay attention to substandard loan performance
    • Calculate charge-off ratios
    • Manage asset quality
  • Exception Reporting
    • Track exceptions related to borrowers, loans, and collateral
    • Measure key performance indicators
    • Monitor past-due exception item aging
  • Granular Aggregation of Data
    • Holding Company View
    • Institutional View
    • Regional View
    • Branch View
    • Lender View

Learn more about INFO-VIEW and PROFORMANCE’s business intelligence solutions by talking to a PROFORMANCE expert today.