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INFO-ACCESS Loan Servicing Software


INFO-ACCESS provides institutions with the commercial loan servicing solution that goes above and beyond. This system automates and integrates data collection, document imaging, activity management, exception tracking and customer communication in lending and deposit areas. INFO-ACCESS loan servicing software is designed to natively assimilate your entire bank’s data, using a sophisticated collateral management system alongside an entity relationship and contact manager that work in concert with each other. The seamless pieces of INFO-ACCESS mean your bank or credit union can use one single portal to access and manage all the data and documents your bank staff need, no matter their position.

Loan Management Software that Fits Your Needs

INFO-ACCESS has all loan and deposit data fields populated nightly into the database, ensuring information is timely when accessed. The system automatically tracks documents and updates them when scanned into the integrated document management system, which can support existing systems (OnBase, Synergy and SharePoint). INFO-ACCESS offers a work items queue so work can be sorted based on document type, loan officer or date; however, it works best for your financial institution.

INFO-ACCESS has the features and benefits you need in a loan servicing system. It is feature-rich and flexible, integrating all elements of a daily bank workflow into one easy-to-use portal. The constant updating of this solution ensures your banking associates use timely information when speaking to your customers.

INFO-ACCESS is the Best Comprehensive Loan Servicing Software

With a system that includes ticklers, notices, tracking, real-time work queues, notes field, a user-friendly report writer and so much more, INFO-ACCESS is comprehensive in its ability to view and track data and documents. Whether your banking needs are commercial loans or deposits, INFO-ACCESS can assist your bank in meeting its compliance goals for loan servicing and beyond.

Get a PROFORMANCE Loan Servicing System Today

INFO-ACCESS is a professional software system that can modernize your bank processes and improve your workflow in unprecedented ways. With the combination of features and benefits, your customers and staff will appreciate the efficiency and speed your bank or credit union will enjoy in the future.

If you are interested in implementing INFO-ACCESS at your bank, our experts are ready to help you explore the features and benefits that work best for your environment. Call us at (281) 292-9000 or get in touch with us to streamline your banking experience and add convenience to everyday loan processing.