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INFO-ACCESS Deal Management Software

When a borrower comes to your institution with a loan application, they trust you to handle sensitive documents and accurately assess an affordable loan amount. They expect a smooth loan origination process and approval in a timely manner.

Improve your process with INFO-ACCESS deal management software from PROFORMANCE. INFO-ACCESS takes you from the loan application to the disbursal of funds and beyond. The intuitive user interface lets you organize your customers’ documents in one convenient database. Use this best-in-class loan origination software to streamline your workflow.

Digitize Your Loan Documents

As your customers submit loan applications and financial documents, INFO-ACCESS generates custom barcode sheets – indexing each document by barcode. This barcode system makes it easy to locate any document with a few clicks and keystrokes instead of wasting time rifling through a physical document filing system.

INFO-ACCESS features an integrated document management system but it can also be interfaced with most existing document management systems. This loan origination software is designed to complement existing processes while saving time and energy.

Deal Management, Simplified

INFO-ACCESS includes a deal management module that saves you from having to manually compile and track borrower documents. Deal management lets you quickly and easily collect all necessary documents and data throughout the loan approval process. Compile and track paperwork for new, renewed or modified loans. Track progress throughout the origination process with pipeline reporting and activity management.

Our deal management software also allows you automatically create credit memoranda to present to the loan committee. INFO-ACCESS creates credit memoranda using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, meaning you can tailor memos to your preferred format. You will be able to communicate clearly with the loan committee without wasting time manually constructing every memo.

Master Your Loan Origination System Flow with INFO-ACCESS

Perfect your workflow for commercial loan origination with INFO-ACCESS software. We make it easy to track missing, expired, pending and current documents with our electronic document checklists, which can be customized by type of loan. INFO-ACCESS even lets you know when a document has content exceptions (such as a missing signature) so that you can follow up with customers quickly. When whole documents are missing, INFO-ACCESS can send system-generated notices to customers to let them know what is still required.

Be the bank with a reputation for fast service, careful loan application processing and unparalleled attention to detail. Use INFO-ACCESS loan origination software to improve your internal processes and command customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using INFO-ACCESS Deal Management Software

  • Elimination of rekeying data from one stage of the loan process to another
  • Production of a structured, consistent credit proposal for loan committee
  • Automatic calculation of debt and deposit recap by storing the relationships of common ownership, common collateral, common source of repayment, common control, etc.
  • Enforces compliance and loan policy
  • Eliminates confusion as to which documents and data are required to close
  • Enforces a consistent “best practices” standard for document types tied to exception tracking
  • Ability to review documents through a queue for image quality, indexing accuracy, content completeness and exception tracking before satisfying requirements
  • Integrates tightly with many of the industry’s document imaging systems, such as OnBase, Synergy, Director, Nautilus, IBPM, SharePoint, etc. Read more about INFO-ACCCESS integrations here.
  • Various views that show all data and documents from the perspective of a collateral item, a loan, an entity or document. This is very helpful to manage cross-collateral, collateral owners, credit documents which satisfy requirements for various loans, deals and entities.


We would love to tell you more about our commercial loan origination software. If you have questions about INFO-ACCESS’ deal management capabilities or would like to learn more, contact us at (281) 292-9000 or send us some information. We look forward to helping you streamline your banking processes.