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First Citizens Bank has been a customer of PROFORMANCE since 2011. We utilize the INFO-ACCESS product for our entire loan portfolio. We are a $1B bank and it was a huge commitment for us to think about undertaking this task. PROFORMANCE came onsite and we had great training. They took the time to walk us through a lot of information and we felt good about what we had in store for us down the road.


Here we are over five years later and we have never looked back. We’ve been through numerous audits and auditors have mentioned how great the software is and its ease of navigation. We are in the midst of the latest upgrade and we are excited for the new look and features!  The PROFORMANCE staff are easy to talk to. You can ask any question, make suggestions for future enhancements and they are receptive to feedback from us so they can understand what we need to see on this side of the software. I’ve been to a lot of different bank conferences and heard a lot of horror stories of imaging loan portfolios. I’m always happy to pipe up and say that our process has been smooth and we have never regretted being with PROFORMANCE and their products.

Roxane Huberty l Vice President-Loan Administration
First Citizens Bank l Mason City, IA

Throughout my tenure at First Volunteer Bank, I have had the opportunity to work with many third party vendors.  With most service providers, there is no real partnership, they merely offer a service that is of value to our organization.  This is not the case with PROFORMANCE.  From the time we were introduced to PROFORMANCE approximately 15 years ago, we have worked together as partners, with one common goal of making First Volunteer Bank's operations and services optimal. During this time, lasting friendships have been developed and a long-term business partnership has been formed. In addition to their zealous quest to be leaders in banking technology, I can always count on the PROFORMANCE team to be knowledgeable, helpful, true to their word and an exceptional service provider.

Judy G. Cartwright l Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
First Volunteer Bank l Chattanooga, TN