Capture Batch Routing

Document Package Workflow

Expedite document collection, classification, and review with this document workflow tool. Capture document batches, like new loan or deposit account packages, and route them through workgroups. When the work is finished, archive the completed file to your document management system with the click of a button.


Loan closing and loan boarding workflow example.

Simplify the collection, routing, review, and archival
of documents throughout the institution with a document workflow tool that integrates with
your DMS, your core, and your exception tracking to maximize team efficiency.


  • Capture document packages locally or at remote offices.
  • Customize the order of workflow between departments
  • Control the job functions that each workgroup can perform.
  • Return document batches to a previous workgroup if exceptions are found.
  • Features automatic notifications of batch exceptions.
  • Automatic archival to the DMS when the workflow is complete.

Use for

  • New Loan Boarding
  • New Deposit Setup
  • Treasury Management
  • Vendor Management
  • and more


Want to learn more about this product?

Let us walk you through a case study based on a financial institution that uses Capture Batch Routing to close, book, review, track, and archive loan documents across their 70+ branches by uploading either LaserPro or attorney prepared loan packages at the branch and routing them to the main office departments for completion.

Document Management

  • Integrated Exception Tracking
  • Automated Customer Notices
  • Document Review Queues
  • Easy User Uploads

Request your on-demand video, now.

Request your on-demand video, now.

Collateral Management

  • Granular, structured collateral tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Custom Data Collection
  • Reporting
  • and so much more

Customer Requests

  • Document collection driven by exception tracking
  • DMS integration
  • File-sharing, eForms, and eSign
  • DocuSign Integration

Request your on-demand video, now.

Exception + Document

  • Upload a document
  • Clear an exception.
  • Update work queues and management
    reports - simultaneously.
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