Exception Management powered by
Document Imaging

We connect exception tracking with document management, your core, and all your ancillary systems to automate workflow, work queues, and reporting.

Document Management optimized for
Automation, Collaboration, & Workflow

A well-run document management system is the foundation for process automation and workflow. Our solutions set the stage to accelerate your business process efficiency.

Customizable & Robust — unmatched
Collateral Management

We turn conventional collateral tracking on its head with our enhanced collateral management with unlimited data mining, customized tracking, or clearly managed collateral portfolios.

File Sharing + eForms + eSign driven by
Document & Exception Tracking

Our customer document and data collection application is built specifically for financial institutions, featuring automated requests, retrieval, review, and archival.

ACCELERATE OPERATIONS with Enterprise Content Management

We solve four critical inefficiencies. Is it time to optimize your environment?


Exception tracking with a disconnected document imaging system is inefficient and leads to tracking inaccuracies.


You want your DMS to be a tool that supports workflow and collaboration, not a last-stop image archive.


You’re limited in your ability to data-mine, customize tracking, and clearly manage collateral portfolios.


You want file-sharing, eforms, and eSign collection that isn’t complicated for clients and automates requests and retrieval.

Clients Love Our BEST-of-BREED Tools

We accelerate operational efficiency for banks and credit unions. Which tool will be your favorite?


Incoming documents automatically clear exceptions, update reports.


Integrated exposure analysis for complete legal lending limit compliance.


Drag and drop documents to clear exceptions in a user-specific work list.


Request updated documents via mail or email as docs in file expire. Collect, review, and archive – automatically.


Integrated LTV calculations, geocoding, cross-pledged tracking, concentration management, and custom data collection.


Route incoming documents to review queues for quality assurance and approval.

As a partner, you’ll gain access to updated, engaging, easy-to-use training materials.



Ready to watch video training series for new installs and ongoing education.


Ready to use training worksheets and checklists.

See it in ACTION

Request your on-demand video demo, now.


    Enterprise Content Management from PROFORMANCE can accelerate operations.
    How does it work? We focus on five key components of workflow to simplify your operations. 


    Aggregate data from your core plus all ancillary systems (e.g. origination, student loan,
    analysis, credit card systems) into one organized enterprise content management system.


    Integrate exception management with document tracking, so when a document is uploaded
    in one location it is archived, satisfies an exception, updates a work queue and is removed
    from a report – all at once – for true business information management.


    Utilize automated document review queues, account and loan tracking checklists,
    management report distribution, and much more. Our electronic file management best
    practices will streamline your business processes.


    Leverage completely customizable data collection for collateral records to mine data from
    your enterprise content management software for thorough portfolio management. And,
    use integrated debt exposure analysis for legal lending limit and in-house lending limit compliance.


    Use your enterprise content management system to automatically request and collect recurring
    documents from your customers via file-share, e-forms, and e-sign.

    The PROOF is in the NUMBERS


    Efficiency Ratio Points Lower in Y1


    Fewer Exceptions after Y1


    Institutions ($B) that Rely on Us

    No New or Fewer FTEs

    Bottlenecks, time drains, and inaccuracy are frustrating and directly impact the bottom line.
    An enterprise document management system solves those issues.


    You need more than a vendor. You need a guide, an analyst, and an advocate.
    We’ll partner with you to determine your needs, review your processes, install solutions, train your
    team, handle your support needs, and perform ongoing process health assessments.

    My advice to potential customers- you just need to see how it works and you’ll be sold on it.

    • Credit Department Manager
    • $8 Billion Institution

    We redeployed one FTE within the first year.

    • Vice President, Loan Operations
    • $3.5 Billion Institution

    PROFORMANCE is very responsive and very customer-service oriented.

    • Vice President, Loan Operations
    • $4 Billion Institution

    We have worked together as partners, with one common goal of making our operations and services optimal.

    • Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
    • $1 Billion Institution

    We’ve been through numerous audits, and auditors have mentioned how great the software is and its ease of navigation

    • Vice President
    • $1.3 Billion Institution

    My department is more efficient and our accuracy has increased. This product is outstanding.

    • Credit Department Manager
    • $8 Billion Institution

    It’s time for a team discussion.


    Request your role-based solutions planner, today. This guide will help your team have a productive discussion as you start to plan for enterprise content management.


      Document Management

      • Integrated Exception Tracking
      • Automated Customer Notices
      • Document Review Queues
      • Easy User Uploads

      Request your on-demand video, now.

      Request your on-demand video, now.

      Collateral Management

      • Granular, structured collateral tracking
      • Monitoring
      • Custom Data Collection
      • Reporting
      • and so much more

      Customer Requests

      • Document collection driven by exception tracking
      • DMS integration
      • File-sharing, eForms, and eSign
      • DocuSign Integration

      Request your on-demand video, now.

      Exception + Document

      • Upload a document
      • Clear an exception.
      • Update work queues and management
        reports - simultaneously.
      Great choice!
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        Tracey Sims, Chief Operations Officer and Product Manager, tsims@pf-inc.com
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