Document, Exception, Loan, Deposit, & File Share Management.
Fully connected information management solutions for your institution.


Turn prospects into new customers or streamline the management of existing relationships with an online account portal that allows you to easily and securely collect the documents and data needed to evaluate a new deal and keep your customer informed on the progress of their request. A document workflow interface means requests for tracked items are sent through the portal to collect ongoing documentation that is imported directly to the DMS.

Workflow, Ready to Go


Streamline tasks and simplify processes.

No developers needed.



Our clients love our quick turnaround on enhancements they request. Our solutions didn’t become best-of-breed without them.
Check out a few of their favorite functions below.


Incoming documents automatically clear exceptions, update reports.


Integrated exposure analysis for complete Legal Lending Limit compliance


Drag and drop documents to clear exceptions in a user-specific work list.


Request updated documents via mail or email as docs in file expire, and collect, review, and archive automatically.


Integrated LTV calculations, geocoding, cross-pledged tracking, concentration management, custom data collection


Route incoming documents to review queues for quality assurance and approval.

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    We believe in partnering with our clients to tackle the problems blocking their path. Here’s what they say.

    My advice to potential customers- you just need to see how it works and you’ll be sold on it.

    • Credit Department Manager
    • $8 Billion Institution

    We redeployed one FTE within the first year.

    • Vice President, Loan Operations
    • $3.5 Billion Institution

    PROFORMANCE is very responsive and very customer-service oriented.

    • Vice President, Loan Operations
    • $4 Billion Institution

    We have worked together as partners, with one common goal of making our operations and services optimal.

    • Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
    • $1 Billion Institution

    We’ve been through numerous audits, and auditors have mentioned how great the software is and its ease of navigation

    • Vice President
    • $1.3 Billion Institution

    My department is more efficient and our accuracy has increased. This product is outstanding.

    • Credit Department Manager
    • $8 Billion Institution
    Great choice!
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