Integrated, Encrypted File Sharing

INFO-SHARE is an encrypted document drop service where requested files can be securely
collected from your customer directly within their email. The collected documents are
automatically imported and archived to your document management system, routed to staff
for review and approval, and sync with tickler tracking to satisfy outstanding exceptions.


An integrated, automated document sharing service built specifically for financial institutions.

INFO-SHARE is document collection — simplified, integrated, and automated.
Lose the patch of third-party, stand-alone applications that require complex customer
account creation and manual retrieval of documents.


  • Request documents on a case-by-case basis or through bulk request.
  • Customers drag and drop their documents directly into your branded request email.
  • Instant and automatic document encryption.
  • Leverage the power of integration to make your team more efficient.
  • Incoming documents flagged for quality review.
  • Documents sync with exception tracking to clear outstanding items — seamlessly.

Use for

  • New Loan Requests
  • Recurring Financials
  • PPP Forgiveness Docs
  • New Accounts
  • Updated Insurance
  • Sales Campaigns


Want to learn more about this product?

Let us walk you through a case study based on a financial
institution that uses INFO-SHARE to send bulk requests for
PPP loan forgiveness documentation, recurring financials,
expired insurance, as well as individual requests for
ongoing account and loan management.

Great choice!
Where should we send it?

For PROFORMANCE support, please email or call (281) 292-9000.
Please reach out if we can assist you in any way.
Wayne Whaley, Chairman and President,
Tracey Beene, Chief Operations Officer and Product Manager,
Dora Compis, Systems Engineer Manager,
Ryan Atkins, Senior Business Analyst,
Stephanie Smith, Chief Credit Consultant and Senior Business Analyst,
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