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OnBase is the most widely used Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system among financial institutions in the United States. Contact us to learn how you can get the most from OnBase. As an authorized solution provider and premier support provider, we look forward to helping you.

Tips on Commonly Used Modules

The most commonly used modules of OnBase for financial institutions are shown below.
Contact us for assistance with selecting and installing the solutions that are right for your institution.

  • Document Management & Imaging
  • Production Capture & Archival
  • Workflow (rules-based engine for routing and decisioning of documents)
  • Version Management (EDM Services)
  • Document Import Processor (DIP)
  • Outlook Integration
  • COLD (archival and search engine for host-based report data)
  • Document Retention Management
  • ShareBase (cloud-based collaboration and document sharing)

PROFORMANCE Integrations for OnBase

Host Sync

An OnBase integration ensuring that consistent customer information and other relevant data (i.e. index values, keywords) is maintained between OnBase and your host system.

  • Downloads keyword index data from the host on a nightly basis.
  • Synchronizes keywords with the OnBase system.
  • Eliminates the need to re-key index information.
  • Enhances the standard auto-fill process provided natively by OnBase.
  • Facilitates automated indexing of documents.


Barcode functionality for OnBase that enables users to create barcode-index cover sheets to ensure accurate archiving. The program dynamically pulls index and keyword data from the OnBase system to eliminate the re-keying of data.

PF Batch Export

Document export functionality for OnBase that uses document group(s), types and keywords, and saved export settings. Helpful to:

  • Prepare paper files for examiners.
  • Prepare paper files for branch purchase evaluations.
  • Conversion of files into a new imaging system.

Document Management

  • Integrated Exception Tracking
  • Automated Customer Notices
  • Document Review Queues
  • Easy User Uploads

Request your on-demand video, now.

Request your on-demand video, now.

Collateral Management

  • Granular, structured collateral tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Custom Data Collection
  • Reporting
  • and so much more

Customer Requests

  • Document collection driven by exception tracking
  • DMS integration
  • File-sharing, eForms, and eSign
  • DocuSign Integration

Request your on-demand video, now.

Exception + Document

  • Upload a document
  • Clear an exception.
  • Update work queues and management
    reports - simultaneously.
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