We feel like we are extended family. You don’t get that with many vendors. We try to operate and serve our customers in that way, so it’s nice to work with vendors that have the same attitude. You aren’t opening a ticket, you’re dealing with the same people. [PROFORMANCE is] very responsive and very customer service oriented.
Vice President of Loan Operations

With increasing regulatory, compliance, and management concerns, we want to ease our customer’s burden of performing administrative tasks, managing documents, and sharing information. Our suite of products orchestrates the flow of data, documents, and events across the institution.

Great choice!
Where should we send it?

For PROFORMANCE support, please email support@pf-inc.com or call (281) 292-9000.
Please reach out if we can assist you in any way.
Wayne Whaley, Chairman and President, wwhaley@pf-inc.com
Tracey Beene, Chief Operations Officer and Product Manager, tbeene@pf-inc.com
Dora Compis, Systems Engineer Manager, dcompis@pf-inc.com
Ryan Atkins, Senior Business Analyst, ratkins@pf-inc.com
Stephanie Smith, Chief Credit Consultant and Senior Business Analyst, ssmith@pf-inc.com
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