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INFO-ACCESS by PROFORMANCE is a complete document imaging and workflow application that organizes
everything – data, documents, exception tracking, events, notes, customer communication, and team workflow.


Automated Checklists

Add tracked requirements to deals, loans, or deposits based on the account type. INFO-ACCESS automatically searches for matching documents to satisfy tracked items so users can instantly see what’s missing from the file. INFO-ACCESS allows you to use automatic or manual requirement configuration settings based on account type to accommodate cookie-cutter or complex accounts.

User-Uploaded Documents

Decentralize work. With our document review queue, front-office and back-office staff can work together with ease. Review queue empowers users to upload their own documents using our easy upload options. The documents are viewable across the institution, even while waiting to be approved. Uploaded documents clear exceptions and update reports and work queues in real time, while compliance, audit, and operations maintain confidence that the documents meet the institution’s policies.

Exception Tracking Integration

End the struggle of siloed document and tracking systems, lagging exception report updates, and missing documents while improving reporting accuracy and timeliness. Integrated document imaging and exception management means that when a document is uploaded to the file it is added to the DMS for archival, satisfies an exception, updates interactive work queues, and is removed from reports — all at the same time, eliminating siloed processes.

Seamless Report Updates

INFO-ACCESS leverages the power of integrated document management and exception tracking to knock down the wall between two time-intensive administrative functions. Free up your day to focus on more important things. Management reports, like exception tracking, will print, archive, or email without additional management from you based on what’s already been added to the file with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Connected Communication

Customer letters and emails produce automatically as documents in file expire (think annual financial statements or expiring property insurance) or as date triggers occur (think the expiration of a credit line, a matured loan or a new account being opened). Our communication integration allows you to create beautifully crafted, custom letters to maintain the highest-level of professional interaction with your clients.

Frustrated with Inefficient,
Redundant Processes?

Redundant work that comes from siloed systems cost you and your team valuable time, causes frustration between departments, and makes your institution less profitable.
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      Document Management

      • Integrated Exception Tracking
      • Automated Customer Notices
      • Document Review Queues
      • Easy User Uploads

      Request your on-demand video, now.

      Request your on-demand video, now.

      Collateral Management

      • Granular, structured collateral tracking
      • Monitoring
      • Custom Data Collection
      • Reporting
      • and so much more

      Customer Requests

      • Document collection driven by exception tracking
      • DMS integration
      • File-sharing, eForms, and eSign
      • DocuSign Integration

      Request your on-demand video, now.

      Exception + Document

      • Upload a document
      • Clear an exception.
      • Update work queues and management
        reports - simultaneously.
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