Feb 15, 2022
Proformance: Enterprise Content Management

PROFORMANCE: The Leader in Enterprise Content Management

PROFORMANCE is an industry leader in enterprise content management including exception tracking powered by document imaging, document management automation, collateral management solutions, and integrated file sharing applications for banks and credit unions. Our staff includes former bankers, database engineers, and software developers, all of whom have real-world experience in bank acquisitions.

Conroe, Texas February 14, 2022 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Are you a bank or credit union in need of operational efficiency? PROFORMANCE is the company you've been looking for. Founded in 1985 to design and implement systems that improve efficiencies and collaboration around paper-intensive operations for banks and credit unions, our focus continues to be developing for and partnering with financial institutions to bring them intuitive user interfaces and effortless automation that simplifies the most complex processes. Our team of experienced developers and former bankers work to provide a level of service and technical support unmatched in our industry.

Our motto: We don't want customers. We want fans. And, that's why PROFORMANCE provides document management, exception tracking, collateral oversight, deposit and loan analysis, and so much more — integrating many functions across the institution into one best-of-breed system that is ready to go, no staff developers or process building needed.

Among our variety of services, you'll find:

  1. We are an OnBase Solution Provider: OnBase is the most widely used Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system among financial institutions in the United States. Contact PROFORMANCE to learn how you can get the most from OnBase. As an authorized solution provider and premier support provider, we look forward to helping you.
  2. Conversion Service: PROFORMANCE can assist you with your data and document conversion project - no matter the size - allowing you to stay focused on running your business.

Improve your institution's efficiency, simplify your day, and ease tensions between departments with their Loan Servicing Software: INFO-ACCESS. INFO-ACCESS is a complete document imaging and enterprise workflow application that organizes and integrates everything - data, documents, exception tracking, events, notes, contacts, customer notices, analysis, and more.

Your document management system should give you the ability to track documents for new and existing customers. It should integrate and automate the following work functions: exception tracking, file-share requests, notices to customers, document sharing among the team, and management reports. That's why PROFORMANCE has created a thorough and detailed document management system. Integrated exception tracking means that archived documents immediately satisfy outstanding exceptions without any additional user input.

Since banks and credit unions take pledged assets as collateral on extensions of credit to secure a loan and limit the risk of loss to the financial institution, a good collateral management system is a critical function for ongoing safety and soundness. PROFORMANCE works very closely with our clients to set up a collateral management solution that was designed to meet the needs of any lending institution, affording you operations efficiencies without on-staff developers.

At PROFORMANCE, we know that you need more than a vendor. You need a guide, an analyst, and an advocate. And, that's why we'll partner with you to determine your needs, review your processes, install solutions, train your team, handle your support needs and perform ongoing process health assessments.

To learn more about PROFORMANCE's Workflow Solutions, visit https://www.proformance.com/ and contact us to find out more. Contact PROFORMANCE at pfsales@pf-inc.com or 281.292.9000.

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Document Management

  • Integrated Exception Tracking
  • Automated Customer Notices
  • Document Review Queues
  • Easy User Uploads

Request your on-demand video, now.

Request your on-demand video, now.

Collateral Management

  • Granular, structured collateral tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Custom Data Collection
  • Reporting
  • and so much more

Customer Requests

  • Document collection driven by exception tracking
  • DMS integration
  • File-sharing, eForms, and eSign
  • DocuSign Integration

Request your on-demand video, now.

Exception + Document

  • Upload a document
  • Clear an exception.
  • Update work queues and management
    reports - simultaneously.
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